Conducttr is a subscription-based service that allows anyone from international interactive agencies to independent filmmakers to write, manage, deliver and measure engaging interactive, social entertainment that spans online, offline and mobile platforms.

Conducttr acts like an unseen conductor orchestrating the performance of media across platforms and responding to audience feedback. The audience never knows it exists.

Our experience design tool allows the service to be told about the experience, the characters, the audience and the media. It’s then told what media to play to which audiences and when. It’s a secret command center; a hub for controlling cross-platform experiences.

Conducttr manages the experience to a calendar schedule or in response to events. And there’s no programming language to learn, no absurd metadata abstraction of the story and it’s intuitive.

Conducttr is for anyone who wants to deliver transmedia entertainment but doesn’t have the resources to develop their own technology – which is almost everyone. Even those with the resources will find that it’s quicker and cheaper to deploy a cross-platform experience on our platform than develop their own.