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The Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is the UK's National Knowledge Transfer Network for the Creative Industries. The Creative Industries KTN is part of the Technology Strategy Board's family of Knowledge Transfer Networks. The consortium that created Creative Industries KTN is led by the University of the Arts London and includes the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Imperial College London and TIGA, the trade association for games developers. This partnership's wealth of expertise and experience makes it uniquely suitable to work with the UK's creative businesses.

The UK is a world leader in culture and media, and consistently in the top three achieving countries. It is home to over 180,000 creative industries businesses contributing, according to a recent OECD report, a greater percentage to national GDP than in any other country. The creative industries sector generates almost £60bn of Gross Value Added (5.6% of total GVA) and, in 2008, accounted for £17.3bn of exports.

The sector is highly diverse and spans advertising, architecture, art & antiques, crafts, computer games and software development, design, fashion, film and video, music, the performing arts, publishing and radio & TV. When these sub-sectors are analysed according to the extent to which their output is digital, and their creative processes are aided by technology, a different segmentation emerges in the form of three broad markets: digital content, digital services and artifacts. This recategorisation of the sector underpins the direction of our Creative Industries strategy.

The Creative Industries strategy has four main themes:

  • Metadata
  • Convergence
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration with others