Erik Schwartz - Founder Aether

erikErik spent 15 years in Silicon Valley at the bleeding edge of the convergence of entertainment and technology. In the late '80s he was an independent developer of interactive videodiscs and CD-ROMs. In the early '90s he was employee number 7 at ICTV, a pioneer in interactive television. He was the product manager for the deployment of one of the first digital video on demand systems that ran on Cox Cable's Omaha, Nebraska system. In early 1997 he went to Yahoo! Inc. where he created the entertainment group. In that role he managed the team that built Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Radio and Yahoo! Entertainment. Erik drove the concept and managed the development of Yahoo! Games, the leading online casual games site.

When he's not working in technology Erik sails across oceans singlehanded. Erik has more than 10,000 solo miles under sail, including the 2002 and 2004 singlehanded transpacific races and 3 solo transpacific passages. Infrequently you may also find Erik performing on stage in light opera, even more infrequently you may find him directing theatrical productions. Erik, his wife and their three kids split time between the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Bath Maine where they are (slowly) restoring a 160 year old shipbuilding magnate's mansion overlooking the Kennebec River.