Paul Carff - Sr Developer Advocate Google

paul2Paul Carff, Sr Developer Advocate Google, works with developers on Android applications for Google TV and help get their content discoverable on Google TV. But he's more infamous for his KegDroid, a pint-sized Android that dispenses pints of beer using an Android tablet – specifically, a Motorola Xoom — as its controls.

Paul has been homebrewing his own beers since 1991. An NFC reader is built into the KegDroid's stand. Once it reads your badge, the application authenticates your access to KegDroid's wares. Once you're authenticated, it will grab your name and photo from your Google+ page. Then you select what beer you would like to drink -– Kegdroid offers two options— as well as whether you would like a 1oz, 8oz, or 12oz pour of your brew of choice. And most importantly, the application also keeps track of how cold the keg is, and how fast a beer is pouring from the keg once selected.