TV Hackfest: San Fran 7-8 Feb

Bringing TV Technology, Creative & Developers Together

What is a HackFest? The aim of TV hackfest is to provide a range of tv technologies, SDK's and API's  as well as briefs and competitions - to developers, designers, agencies, creatives and entrepreneurs  to build design and show how future video entertainment could be delivered within an interactive multi-screen environment. From first and second screen apps, to social tv mashups and broadcaster / content centric content briefs , the TV Hackfest is a way to get creative and build future mutli-screen TV concepts with some cool prizes for the winners.  Click here for more details on TV HackFest Manifesto

 The Jury

Ephraim Lindenbaum
Advance Ventures
Jason Goecke
Voxeo Labs
Maya Zuckerman,

Hacking for Good? Hacking for Innovation? The TV Hackfest is about:

"Building Innovation in Multiplatform TV Content Development."

...that's what a HackFest is all about. will include 100+ developers who will be given the simple topic of hacking TV to make it cooler! 

Creatives, developers, coders, content, tv production, and technology get together, get creative, and build cool stuff

Why hack TV? Because there's half a trillion dollars up for grabs globally in TV ad spend and Pay TV revenue as the Internet starts to collide with traditional TV. According to Forbes.

We will give attendees APIs, SDKs and data and challenge them to code/design/engineer/make and break for this 2 day event, building their own prototype solutions or ideas. The event will be written up by Appmarkettv - and the winners getting a follow up PR to promote them, and announced on the appsworld blog to their global show attendees. Its a great way to showcase your talent, establish yourself as a leader in the TV tech space, and build new relationships at the forefront of multiplatform TV content development.

Major Prizes and the Chance to Show the TV Industry what TECH can do!

The Hackfest runs on the 7-8th Feb at the Moscone West, and at the end of the hackfest on 8th February, 2013 , selected teams will do a short presentation of their work to the group of fellow developers, sponsors, judges and press. And then prizes are given out during the HackFest wrap-up. There is a party to attend courtsey of Apps World at the  Mezzaine from 7.30pm-1am on the 7th Feb where more hacking can continue - see here for details.

Scenes from London Hackfest 2012




Scores of transmedia storytelling, writers, and designers will bring their notebooks, flip-charts and brainpower to create new TV experiences along with technologists -  in a colossal creative collision between two worlds that need to meet.



Scores of video and metadata sources for content to be watermarked, fingerprinted, manipulated and experimented with to create new TV experiences.


APIs and SDKs

Dozens of the latest open standard technologies - Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing for cutting edge TV experiences to be created.



Hundreds of hackers and technology entrepreneurs will gather and bring their laptops, code and brainpower to create new TV experiences along with transmedia storytellers in a colossal creative collision between two worlds that need to meet.